How Come We are Loyal to Brands We Hate

I am a loyal British Airways traveler – one look at my frequent flyer mileage points earned will prove that. However, I am a dissatisfied, unhappy, disgruntled, frustrated, angry BA customer and I suspect I am not the only one.

The Conscientious Salesman

Recently, a leading retailer confessed that people were so much happier in poor countries (read emerging markets and newly emerging markets). His earlier stint in Africa had left him with ......

Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

In India, Indian weddings and now anniversary celebrations can take epic proportions.  They are tradition, laced with a good dose of modern contemporary pop culture played out on a global stage amidst friends and family from far and wide. 

Open Sesame

I arrived at the new Mumbai International Airport on the second day that it opened for business. I think I had been wise in keeping my expectations in check because my baggage arrived a couple of hours after the plane landed. Well it looked like a dozen international flights came in at the same time - 1 a.m in the morning.

The Slip between the Macro and the Micro

At a dinner held for captains of Indian industry, thought leaders and investors, the discussion centred on the state of India. There was a great deal of optimism shared among the majority of the attendees.

China’s Future

The world seems to be divided between China sceptics and China believers. Prof. James Robinson (Why Nations Fail) and many others believe that an extractive political system combined with a lack of democratic institutions and ....

Jim O’Neil and the Trials and Tribulations of the Not-for-Profit Sector in India

Jim O’Neill can be blamed for the rising sea of woes of the voluntary sector in India. He put I (for India) in BRIC leading to great expectations from the largest democracy in the world. And India, as indeed some other countries, did rise to the challenge and this they did so spectacularly that they are referred by many as Emerged rather than Emerging markets.

Gender Stereotyping at Work

In Davos, I heard Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook speak about gender stereotyping at work, "She's great at her job, but she's just not as well liked by her peers," or, "She's a bit aggressive." She was part of an impressive panel with IMF’s Christine Lagarde and Drew Faust of Harvard.

Are We Forever Going to be LIKE THAT ONLY ?

The catchphrase ‘We Are Like That Only’ has become the Indian mascot and something that makes us distinct from other Asian countries. It gained currency becoming a source of pride just as.....


While I missed the talk by Khoi Tu on his book Superteams, I did get an opportunity to read the book. He discusses the extraordinary performance of seven legendary teams – Pixar, Ferrari Formula One, SAS, Red Cross, European, Ryder Cup Team....

Who Wants to be a Celebrity ?

Technology has been a big boon - it has democratised the world and made the world flat with equal opportunities for more people around the world than was possible earlier. Since it makes information available to all without discrimination or bias, there is not much that can be kept out of the public domain.

Can the World Turn its Back on Globalisation?

I had the privilege of listening to Nobel Laureate Kofi Annan at Global Horizons: The Oxford Analytica Conference 2011 dinner at Blenheim Palace. Equally thought provoking was the speech by Dr. David R Young, Chairman Oxford Analytica which is a global analysis and advisory firm drawing on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategy and performance.

The S-Factor

Social media is becoming a force beyond its expected role in communication – as in social transformation that we saw during Arab spring. However, among its more traditional roles, s-commerce, albeit still at a nascent stage, has the potential of transforming into a significant channel for shopping.

Experience – Your Worst Enemy

I have had the privilege of listening to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva a few times in small groups where dialogue and interactions are easier than in large gatherings. To me, his philosophy is informed by empiricism, scientific learning, objective thought, and interestingly, subjective reflections. His discourse resonates with me.

True Reverse Innovation

I have been reading so much about Reverse Innovation and have been conducting workshops and delivering talks on the phenomenon that is getting so much of the world’s attention. A lot of the examples are from books and from information gotten second hand.

Roots Versus Trump

I was on my first trip to West Palm Beach in Florida. Sunshine, clear blue skies, beautiful houses framed by lush green gardens and flowering wisteria, lazy afternoons with chilled wine and hot off the oven pizzas after an exhilarating walk on the beach and finally ending up in the Trump spa to be pampered with divine massages – would you blame me if I thought I had arrived in paradise.

Akhilesh Yadav – A Better Marketer than the Rest

Akhilesh Yadav fought the battle for electoral votes like a seasoned marketer fighting for market share. It was clearly a four cornered race and he identified his major competition was going to come from Rahul Gandhi.

Looking After the Consumer Needs?

Companies are spending millions on R&D to beat competition by bringing the better mousetrap. However, despite loud declarations of consumer is king, there is perhaps not enough being done to understanding them. Skin care today is about segmenting consumers by age and, consequently, offering relevant benefits.

Figuring Out Davos

Jill Ellen Abramson, the first ever female editor of New York Times talks to academia and business and captures some signs of our times - We have moved from "what got you here will not get you there - to - will not even keep you here". Our capacity to reinvent ourselves will be tested to the hilt.

Does China Always Buck the Trend?

China often bucks the trend in the global – local debate. For MNCs, the challenge has often been finding the sweet spot between global and local appeals. Global brand positioning needs to be executed locally in context of on-the-ground realities

India’s Achilles’ Heel

There is a growing concern that India may have missed the window of opportunity that was going to catapult it into the Big League. Stalling reforms, poor governance, political gaffes, corruption and ineffective judiciary, to name a few, have come together to strike fear in the heart of the foreign investor.

Impressions of a Davos companion Soul Searching

I have now been attending Davos for 7-8 years wearing my Spouse hat. Some things have certainly changed; some of my esteemed friends complain that it is now too democratic